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Cosmetic fillers

Cosmetic fillers


What are cosmetic fillers?
These are products of various compositions and origins injectable to different areas of the face and body in order to correct skin defects. Fillers are injected at patches where lines are deep or there are some skin depressions, or scars. The most often treated zones include: nasolabial wrinkles (nose to mouth folds), between the eye-brows, the upper and lower lips, facial depressions resulted from scars or other body areas.

What kinds of fillers are available?
Each filler has various ingredients and the doctor may choose as needed. Depending on the substance that is implanted in the skin layer and whether it is absorbed or not, fillers divide to reabsorbable or non-reabsorbable.

During the last years, popularity gained products containing hyaluronic acid. It is sugar-like substance, extremely popular across Europe and the US. A natural body moisturizer which if used as filler is reabsorbed over time, without causing any side effects. The most often used among those include Restylane, Perlane, Surgy-derm, Surgy-lips, etc.

No preliminary tests are needed. The material is soft and quite often it is used for treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, for filling and plumping/enlargement of upper and lower lips, for filling scar lines and depressions.



How long does filler effects last?
Usually results are visible for 4 to 6 months. It depends on the individual’s organism characteristics.

What are the possible reactions after a cosmetic filler application?
All possible reactions are temporary and vary from an individual to another. They may include: reddening, slight swelling, pain, change of color of the treated area. They dissipate over a few days up to a week.

What can you do to optimize the results from fillers?
Fillers perfectly combine with Botox. The face obtains a refreshed, revitalized, and younger looking tightened appearance. Fillers may also be combined with all the rest procedures, such as IPL, ALUMA, laser treatments, chemical peeling.

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