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What is IPL therapy?
The intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy is a non-invasive and non-ablative treatment that uses high intensity pulses of visible light to improve the skin condition and to treat different vascular lesions, including telangiectasia, broken thread veins, varicose and spider veins, treatment of mild to moderate acne, age pigmentation spots, wrinkles, lines, scars, rosacea, facial skin smoothing and rejuvenation, permanent removal of unwanted hairs. All these therapies are performed through a series of IPL treatments –4 to 8 procedures in all.

How does the IPL technology work?
The IPL system works on the same principles as laser technologies. Light energy is absorbed into particular target cells with colour (chromatophores) in the skin. The light energy is converted to heat energy, which intervenes the specific targetted area. IPL systems are different to lasers in that they deliver a variety of wavelengths (or various colours) for different problems within certain areas.

This enhances penetration without using excessive energy levels and enables targetting of specific chromatophores (these are skin components that absorb light).

The IPL system may be used for the so called “photo rejuvenation. The skin gets softer, with a smoother look and feel, open pores shrink down. Skin aging is delayed. The results are not as dramatic, as after the ablative (laser) resurfacing, but a significant skin freshening is achieved.

The advantages of IPL therapy is its minimal downtime – a patient can often have the procedure done in their lunch break and return to work immediately afterwards.

What system does “Aesthe Clinic” use?

The system is “Pulsar Photosilk” – the last generation of IPL systems, made in the UK and launched to market in June, 2006. “Pulsar Photosilk” differs from the other available systems because it solves the problem with lighter hair removal. It also has a special type of hand piece heads to provide faster treatment of larger areas. Another breakthrough is the so-called green hand piece for treatment of brown spots managed exclusively by a trained dermatologist.

What is “Pulsar Photosilk” used for?
-Permanent Hair Reduction – required procedures may vary between 6-8 procedures, one procedure per month.
-Skin Rejuvenation – 3 to-5 procedures required, one every three weeks.
-Pigmented Lesions Treatment (e.g. age spots on hands and face) – a single treatment with the green hand piece or 2-3 normal procedures - one every three weeks.
-Thread Vein Treatment - 3-4 procedures; interval between procedures 3-4 weeks.
-Vascular Lesions
-Rosacea – 4 to 5 procedures, one every three weeks
-Bacterial acne – 4 to 5 procedures, one every four weeks.
-Senile Keratomas - 1-2 procedures, one every 20 days

Treatment is not recommended for patients who are:
If you are pregnant; If you suffer from diabetes; If you suffer sun allergy; If you have hormonal deviations and you do not treat them; If you take antibiotics or isotretinoin to treat acne problems.

How does the treatment feel?
Each light impulse "shot" gives a slight stinging or burning sensation, like the snapping of a rubber band. Local anesthetics may be applied for more pleasant experience.


Normal reactions after treatment?
Patients may experience some redness of the treated skin area, but usually it disappears after a few hours. It is recommended that patients reduce exposure to the sun before and after treatment to minimize risks of eventual complications. Patients may return to their daily routine right away after the procedure.

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