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There are around 21-22 billions of fat cells in the female organism, while with men they are only 17-18 billion (fat cells in female organism represent an energy reserve during pregnancy period and climax). With women, the balance between lipogenesis (fat forming) and lipolysis (fat digestion) is put in a front place. Due to that reason, a combination of high-caloric diets, not enough physical exercises and hormonal changes are often the reason for the different stages of cellulite with them. The fat tissue comprises of cells, full of fats, organized in bigger groups of cells – “nests”, surrounded by collagen and connective tissue fibers. The effect of the so called “orange skin” is due to change in the structure and connecting of the collagen fibers, as well as to the misallocation of the connective tissue. When the fat cells become bigger in size, they push and break the circulation. As a result of the depression and the pressure over the supportive points of the connective tissue, the cellulite appearance is formed.

How to treat the cellulite?
Nowadays, in the leading clinics in the world, the shocking-wave therapy is successfully applied for treatment of cellulite and other problems related to overweight. The shocking waves are sound waves, which transmit energy impulse to the tissues with speed of 1500 m/sec, without damaging them. The shock waves bring to increase of permeability of the cell membranes, without destroying the cells, at which the fat metabolism and lipolysis is activated. The shock waves stimulate the microcirculation and the lymphatic drainage. At these circumstances, the fat cells can quickly release from fats and they can be removed by the blood circulation. The shock wave therapy in Aestheclinic is performed with the help of high technological devices of Storz Medical Company, a leader in the manufacture of technology and supplies, which proved its quality on the Bulgarian market.

Directions for Shock Waves Treatment
The researches show that the treatment can be successfully applied in the following cases:
• Cellulite
• Weakness of the connective tissue
• Thickening of the skin (hips, thighs, upper arms)
• Disturbance in fat metabolism
• Fiber changes in the tissues
• To reduce the circumferences and disturbance in fat distribution
• To improve the skin status after liposuction

What Happens during Cellulite Treatment with Shock-waves Therapy?
The treatment represents impulses, distributed as sound waves, which penetrate deeply in the body tissues. The slow increase of pressure restores the natural metabolism and starts the renewal and rejuvenation of the skin. The skin becomes smooth, silky smooth and the tissue and muscles elasticity is improved.

How is the Treatment Performed?
Ultrasound gel is applied in the affected area. Using this gel helps to avoid energy loss, and this makes the process as effective as possible. The duration of the therapy is 20-30 minutes on average. The feeling is pleasant – light and soft hits in the area defined for work. Areas, which can be treated, are abdomen, thighs, back side, hips (the so called “love handles”), arms.

Contra Indications:
• Pregnancy and breast feeding
• Problems with blood coagulation
• Presence of pacemaker
• Tumors near the area of influence
• Chronic liver failure or renal failure
• Phlebitis or thrombosis of the deep veins of feet
• Transaction with veins or feet/ sclerotherapy
• Diabetes



Time Price*
Hams 30 min. 280 euro
Backside 20 min. 179 euro
Hams & Backside 45 min. 410  euro
Back hams & backside 30 min. 280 euro
Front hams 20 min. 128 euro
Belly 15 min. 179 euro
Love Handles 15 min. 128 euro
Belly & Love Handles 30 min. 255 euro
Hands 20 min. 205 euro

*Prices are for a course of 10 treatments

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