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Mesotherapy is a non-surgical method of correction of different aesthetic skin problems. The word “mesotherapy” comes from the Greek word “meso-“, which means “middle” and “therapeia” – to treat medically. In other words, this is a multiple injection introduction of different pharmaceutical, homeopathic or plant extracts, but also vitamins or microelements, in the derma. It was first developed by Michel Pistor, a French physician, during the 50s of the previous century. It appeared that mesotherapy could help for many aesthetic problems: it fights baldness, removes marks and scars, corrects cellulite, stops the process of skin-aging. It works successfully after plastic surgery intervention for faster recovery of the skin of the face and body, after peeling, after laser resurfacing by decreasing the recovery period. It can be wonderfully combined with introduction of botox, hyaluronic acid for wrinkles and all other non-surgical manipulations. By a series of mesotherapies the skin of the face becomes smooth, it tightens and revitalizes. It has new radiance and hydration. It is applied to face, décolleté, back side of hands and body. It takes 3 to 6 treatments, depending on the products introduced.

Mesotherapy is indispensable at cellulite treatment and body modeling therapies. It provides penetration of active ingredients in the depth of the skin where anti cellulite creams are unable to reach. Except for cellulite elimination, this therapy helps fighting scars, as well as for stretch mark reducing. Active ingredients are injected directly in the zone of the treated problem, which helps application of higher concentration of them, by avoiding their systematic action. There are no scars after the therapy, and the pricking itself helps for skin tightening.

Mesotherapy results usually appear a month after the procedures. The duration of the course is defined by a specialist and is in conformation with the individuality of each patient. The number of the procedures is defined depending on the type of the treated problem and its seriousness, as it could vary from 3 to 15-20 therapies in an interval of 1 to 3-6 weeks. The duration of a therapy is about 15-20 minutes and it does not require any specific preparation and recovery.

There is little pain during the manipulation, as a number of patients only feel a little discomfort. It should be taken into consideration that people have different limit of pain, of course. In order to anesthetize the procedure, we apply pain relieving creams or we add analgesics in the injected cocktails.
Similar to each treatment, the mesotherapy also has its disadvantages. In its essence, this is the pain from the injecting application of the active substances and the fact that during the recovery period there might be some tumefactions and bruises. Other undesirable effects could be redness and the slight swollen in the treated area, itchiness, burning and feeling of bruise, which disappear in a couple of hours or within 4-5 days.

Despite mesotherapy’s great popularity, patients not always achieve the results they wanted. It is often their fault, because they only rely on the mesotherapy and otherwise have unhealthy way of living. It is very important to point out here that it takes a complex approach – restraint in feeding, sport, patience to achieve the desired results
A very successful combination is application of mesotherapy together with other anti-cellulite methods such as Velasmooth and mesotherapy and D-actor and mesotherapy. For even greater success at non-surgical methods for reduction of body circumferences could be used the combination of mesotherapy and Ultrashape.


Mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid 125 euro
Mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid - pack of 3 treatments
300 euro
Mesotherapy with cocktails
  40 - 75 euro

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