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Dry Skin Therapy

Dry Skin Therapy


You want to have healthy and beautiful skin, then trust Alqvimia! „Alqvimia Workshop” is a company-leader in manufacture of high quality natural cosmetics and is our partner in our goal to offer only what is best in cosmetics and dermatology. This brand presents a new and revolutionary meaning of pure beauty by manufacturing high quality and effective cosmetic products, which correspond to the contemporary way of living. In the heart of Alqvimia lies the idea of re-discovery of the old handmade perfumery, combined with the contemporary achievements in the field of natural cosmetics manufacture.

Skin Hydrating Method
Well-hydrated skin always looks attractive, while lack of good hydration often brings to inflammation, drying and peeling of the skin. When treating dry skin, we should also take into account the following:
a) water loss through hydration loss (the water which blood transfers to skin is rich in oxygen and nutrients); or through humectation, when the water that skin receives from outside comes from creams or oils.
b) lipids loss (oil-like components): in this case we have low function of the glands, secreting sebum and this leads to manufacture of small amounts of oils, which is not sufficient for skin lubrication.
c) reasons, due to outside factors: skin could become dry due to influence of external agents such as: sun, cold weather, influence of air-conditioned air, overheating and others.

- To moisturize;
- To nourish;
- To enrich in oxygen;
- To avoid loss of trans-epidermal water.

Application Method:
- 12 sessions, two procedures per week.
- Upon completion of the 12 therapies, a maintenance therapy is recommended once a month.


Dry Skin Therapy 40 euro

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