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Anti-age therapy

Anti-age therapy


You want to have healthy and beautiful skin, then trust Alqvimia! „Alqvimia Workshop” is a company-leader in manufacture of high quality natural cosmetics and is our partner in our goal to offer only what is best in cosmetics and dermatology. This brand presents a new and revolutionary meaning of pure beauty by manufacturing high quality and effective cosmetic products, which correspond to the contemporary way of living. In the heart of Alqvimia lies the idea of re-discovery of the old handmade perfumery, combined with the contemporary achievements in the field of natural cosmetics manufacture.

Rejuvenating and preventive therapy against early skin aging.

Young look of the skin is characterized by its having smooth surface and its being naturally balanced and moisturized. As time and years go by, the skin loses those characteristics of its and this is considered to be manifestation of first signs of skin aging.  Together with those, there are also other factors which have impact over this process (skin aging), such as emotional movements (mimics), for example, quick weight loss, stress, the nervous system status and last, but not least, the aggressive sun exposure. All these factors bring to growth in the cutaneous layer, which, on its behalf, is a prerequisite for appearance of first wrinkles and lines on the skin.

- skin rejuvenation;
- activation of blood flow;
- regeneration of the epidermis;
- oxygen saturation.


- 12 sessions, two procedures per week.
- Upon completion of the 12 therapies, a maintaining therapy is recommended once a month.


Anti-age therapy 50 euro

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