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Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment


What is acne?
Acne is а common inflammatory disease of hair-fatty follicles during teenage years, representing a serious psychological and cosmetic problem. It is most commonly located in the face, back and sometimes chest.

Most common reasons are mentioned to be the hormonal reasons, the genetic pre-exposition, the presence of a specific bacteria (propionate bacterium acne), which is living in the hair-fatty follicle.

Basic clinical manifestation
presence of comedones (opened and closed)
pustules (pus papula)
scars that could be above level of the skin (keloids) or under the level of the skin (so called atrophic scars)
pain, itchiness

At first place, professional dermatologist’s opinion should not be forgotten, as it is of great importance for the appropriate treatment. Applied ways of treatment could be different – local, antibiotics, retinoids (retin-A acid)

Laser and Phototherapy in Acne Treatment
In Aestheclinic we use Natural Photodynamic Treatment (with the blue spectrum length of wave) in combination with bipolar radiofrequency, which selectively choose and decrease secretion of sebum from the fatty glands, as they also have great influence over the inflammatory process. 10-12 therapies are needed for good results, once or twice per week. The results are a smooth and clean face. All that is achieved with the E-МАХ laser system.

After hard acne, a great number of the patients suffer unpleasant scars, which are a serious cosmetic defect. Removal of defects is possible with CO2 laser. The carbon dioxide laser is an ablative laser. Its action is based on the unique properties of the laser light and its interaction with the treated tissues. When the temperature in the derma reaches around 55 °С - 62 °С, there is a break of the inter peptide connections of the collagen molecule. This brings to shortening by half from its normal length. Next the process continues with healing process stage and formation of new collagen in the derma, which collagen is formed and accumulated round the shortened half, used as a “scaffolding” polypeptide chain.

What are This Method’s Main Advantages?
The skin of the face becomes smooth – skin tan becomes even, the scars become more superficial.

Results are long-lasting – two or three procedures are enough to achieve excellent clinical results. The clinical research held shows that stimulating the collagen synthesis starts immediately after the procedure and lasts for 8-10 months after.

Chemical Peelings
The chemical peeling is another alternative in acne treatment. We use TCA peeling (trichloroacetic acid). Good results require 6-8 peelings.


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