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Sculptra is an injectable product, similar to the fillers which contain microparticles of Poly-L Lactic Acid (PLLA), a synthetic polymer from the alpha-hydroxy acids family. PLLA has been used in products like resorbable stitches and for tissue regeneration for 30 years and is usually non-toxic even in large quantities in the organism. Sculptra is biocompatible (doesn’t harm the body) and biodegradable (it is broken down by the body’s metabolism) product.

It is intended for:
Increasing the volume of the sagged regions particularly for correcting the sinking of skin like skin furrows, cicatrices, folds, wrinkles and ageing of the skin.

Correcting the volume and symptoms of fatty tissue loss in the region of the face (lipoatrophy)

Sculptra reveals new perspectives for combating ageing of the face

With the advancing of years, the balance between skin, fatty tissue, muscle tissue and bones is gradually lost with progressive changes in their volume, shape, location and composition. By adding volume to the designated areas, the shape and position of other structures can be changed which lead to shaping of a more youthful and aesthetic contour.

For many patients, wrinkles are the focus of their facial rejuvenation without paying attention to the changes in the contour which is due to fat redistribution and other structural changes.

On account of this, the art of restoring volume is basically for the practice of facial rejuvenation. When the cosmetic dermatologist knows more about where and how volume is lost and where is best to restore the aesthetic contours of the face, he has a greater opportunity to achieve results whereby the face looks aesthetic.

How Sculptra takes effect:
The polymers of the lactic acid are decomposed through non-enzymic hydrolysis to monomers of the lactic acid which are then metabolised to carbon dioxide and water or are bound with the glucose and are eliminated from the organism in an aesthetic way. The injecting comprises several successive phases.

Immediate effect

related to the quantity injected
the swelling caused by the injection subsides after between several hours and several days

Reaction of the tissues towards the product
Stimulation of the collagen in the injected area
Restoration of the defects within 6 weeks

Expectations of treatment
The patient should be convinced that the increase of volume will happen gradually and that with every treatment session the results will become even more noticeable. Sculptra will gradually restore the lost volume over the subsequent (several) weeks.

In order to be able to achieve optimal correction with the aid of Sculptra, more than one treatment session is usually necessary. The intervals between the treatments are around 5-6 weeks and their number depends on the total loss of volume and on the individual reaction towards the treatment.

The results can be sustained for around 2 years.

The number of sessions is determined by the doctor at the first meeting with the patient in his office. For patients with a need for more cosmetic corrections, three treatment sessions are usually necessary. The results are individual for each patient and are determined by the individual potentialities of the skin to form collagen.

Possible unwelcome reactions

The most-common unwelcome reactions when using Sculptra as well as many other products applied through injecting the skin include those connected with the area of application such as bleeding, tenderness or pain, reddening, bruising or swelling. These effects usually pass within a week.

Areas of application
Usually the face is divided into three areas; upper facial part which includes the forehead, eyebrows and temples; middle facial part, including lower eyelid, cheekbones, nasolabial folds and the soft tissue under the cheekbones. The third facial area is the lowest part of the face: the line under the nose, the area around the lips, the chin and the jaws.

The treatment begins from the upper and middle parts of the face and has as its aim, the even distribution of the product. After the effect of volume is achieved in these areas, treatment of the areas in the lower third of the face is started in another session.


An anaesthising cream is used locally and colds patches which anaesthetise the area.

Sculptra is not a filler for attaining volume in the lips. It is not applied in this region of the face.

Usually the patient’s condition is subject to an assessment 6 months following the first session when the necessity of correction and of a second dose of Sculptra is assessed. The photographing of the patient before the treatment and after 6 weeks gives an idea to the doctor as well as to the patient of the progress of the improvement of his condition.


Facial sculpturing with Sculptra (the therapy is carried out in three stages, and the third is performed only if needed) 1st - 500 €
2nd - 500 €
3rd -350 €

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