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Medical tests, result of 10 years of research work show, that if blood is taken, only not someone else’s, but yours, then separate the plasma from it and enrich it with thrombocytes, it turns into a very efficient youth elixir. This elixir could help for skin recreation, to a high extend for its regeneration and tightening, and all that with no surgical treatment.

This innovation is used by Regenlab, a Swiss company, which created the PRP method (Platelet Rich Plasma) or thrombocytes enriched plasma. In aesthetic medicine, this method is used for recreation of aging, damaged by the sun skin, for tightening, refreshing and regeneration. It also recovers the skin of neck, décolleté and hands.

What is the Essence of the Treatment?
From the patient’s vein, in a completely sterile and closed system, is taken a small amount of blood (similar to taking blood for laboratory tests). Blood is put into test-glasses in which has also been put separation gel. The test-glasses are centrifuged at strictly defined parameters, at which the plasma (the light yellow part) separates from the blood. This plasma, on the other hand, is separated in two fractions – low in thrombocytes fraction and the so called “buffy coat”, a fraction rich to thrombocytes, white blood cells, growth factors and stem cells. This is exactly the fraction that is injected in the skin as complete shaping of the face, neck and décolleté or mesotherapy, and also in the scalp at different types of baldness.

The activated thrombocytes (by adding calcium chloride to the plasma) release growth factors that send signals to the mesenchyme stem cells and differentiate them in fiber areas which produce collagen and elastin. Besides, the thrombocytes bring to faster tissue regeneration (they are the reason for wound healing) and produce substances that control the cell growth.

How Does It Affect the Skin?
- stimulates generation of new collagen;
- tissue regeneration and rejuvenation;
- hydrates the skin from inside;
- smoothens fine lines and wrinkles;
- tightens the face contour;
- evens the tan.

Areas of Treatment
- the whole face
- neck and décolleté
- back side of hands
- eye contour
- scalp

Contra indications
At patients with thrombocytopenia, hypofibrinogenemy, acute infections from anticoagulants treatment.

Suitable Age for Plasma Lift
All patients between 30 and 70 are suitable for this therapy.

How Does It Work
3 treatments, one in 4-6 weeks. Maintaining treatment is made in a year, a year and a half. First results are visible 3 weeks after the first therapy, as they continue to develop during the next months.

Medical researches undoubtedly show that this is a completely harmless and safe procedure. The reason for that is using of own plasma. There is no allergies risk, no risk of infection with blood-transmitted diseases.

Except in the aesthetic medicine, the method of use of autologous enriched with thrombocytes blood plasma is also applied in other spheres of the medicine: for burnings treatment, traumas, hardly healing wounds, faster recreation after surgical interventions.


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