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The New Alternative of Non-surgical Facelift

Radiesse is new natural injection filler that provides long-lasting correction of wrinkles and volumes. Its activity continues for about a year and half to two years. Basic ingredient in the product composition is calcium hydroxylapatites. This is a substance which could be found in the bones and other parts of the human body and is 100% biocompatible. In Radiesse composition, except for the microspheres of calcium, there is also gel in the filler, which is used as mechanical filler in the beginning of the action and as calcium transporter at the same time. The gel itself is resorbed in about 3-4 months in order to make place for the new forming tissue. In a few years, under the influence of metabolism, the calcium particles are gradually dissolved.

This way, the duration of the effect is guaranteed not only in terms of long-lasting gel and basic substance in the skin, but also as far as it concerns forming of own tissue.

Using directions:
- correction of nasolabial folds;
- restoring the volumes in the cheek-bones, cheeks and chin;
- correction and lifting of the face contour;
- forming of a new facial skeleton;
- recovery of the lower jaw;
- restoring the volume in the temporal area.

Radiesse is approved for use as a medicine product in the USA for:
- correction of lip atrophy (volume deficit of the facial tissues);
- correction of moderate to deep facial wrinkles, including nasolabial wrinkles.

In the European Union, Radiesse is approved for use in the plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as in the cosmetic dermatology, in its capacity of a product for deep and surface recovery of the deficit of soft tissue and other parts of the body.

Radiesse provides the patient with an easy and convenient way for change of the face contour, with minimum recovery period.
For more “before” and “after” pictures, please see the Gallery.

How Does Radiesse Work?
1. Immediately after injecting the product, consisting of gel-transporter and calcium microspheres, the wrinkles and tissues are full of volume. Due to its unique composition, it takes 25-30% less quantity of product to achieve the effect, than when working with filler on the basis of hyaluronic acid.

2. As time goes by, the macrophages destroy the gel environment, while, at the same time, the fibroblasts, irritated by the calcium microspheres, produce and secret new collagen. The gel-transporter is resorbed for a period of 2-3 months. Two or three weeks after injecting Radiesse, the calcium microspheres start stimulating the neocollagenesis (forming of collagen). Using this mechanism, the Radiesse activity continues for a period of one or two years.

3. The additional calcium particles are destroyed and fully absorbed by the body, so Radiesse is 100% biodegradable product.


One procedure - full face 450 euro

Gallery - Radiesse

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