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A new revolutionary method for body shaping and tightening!

Еxilis – an innovative radiofrequency technology for body reshaping and face rejuvenation. The mechanism of performance is based on the synergy effect of radiofrequency and ultrasound waves. The controlling system for the energy flow and controlled cooling provide maximum comfort to the patient and give the option to regulate the penetration of energy depth in the tissues, depending on the application.

How does Exilis work?

This is the only device that combines high frequency radio waves, ultra sound and controlled cooling; -Generally speaking, the working mechanism is: reaching the corresponding area, isolation, deactivation. What does this mean?

The mechanical effect of the ultra sound energy helps for destruction of fibrous tissue, which allows easier reach of fat cells. Exilis precisely strikes the deep fat layers, as in the same time the temperature control does not allow the skin surface to be overheated, effectively cools it and this way the gentle skin cover is protected.

Ексилис (Exilis) - освобождаване на мазнина от мастните клетки

The energy of the device heats the fat tissue in depth. The metabolism is activated and the fat cells are destructed. This way the fat layer becomes smaller both as thickness and as amount of the fat cells.

Being a part of the process, the mechanic waves help for division of the mass fiber structures, which appear to be the reason for forming of connecting tissue strands, in which, just like in a basket are located the fat cells. This way they become more isolated and available for further effective treatment.

Energy Flow Control
-there is a control system in the device, which controls the contact with the body – both for patient’s and operator’s safety.
-outgoing power, which can be regulated at the applicator. These control methods guarantee maximum effective results. If we compared Exilis to other radio frequency systems, the advantage here comes from energy controlling. This has also been shown in the schemes

-small burning risk
-constant mode of operation

Other radio frequency systems

-high burning risk
-non-effective impulse mode

Skin Temperature Control System
-skin temperature is constantly visible at the monitor of the applicator
-adjustable parameters of the corresponding therapy
-no necessity of switching over the applicator or the device during the time of procedure
-provision of complete therapy monitoring

The temperature on the surface of the skin is constantly shown on the applicator’s monitor, as settings are located at the handle.

Cooling regulation

It provides both therapy comfort and the thermal effect in depth. Improved skin cooling allows Exilis to be the only device which heats the skin to 2,5 – 3 sm of depth.
Way of Work

Different areas such as abdomen, inner and outside part of thighs, waist fat, back side of thighs, backside, knees, inner part of arms and back could be treated. There is a specific duration which is  set for each area, as there is an option to work in two modes – reduction of circumferences and tightening (cellulite). Necessary number of procedures: 4-6. Time interval between two procedures: one to two weeks.

- reduction of volume of fatty deposits;
- reduction of circumferences;
- tightening;
- improvement of skin texture.


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