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Wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scars, enlarged pores are problems that people have always tried to solve. Moreover, they have been looking for more effective, less painful, less risky solutions requiring shorter recovery periods. And last but not least, at a reasonable price.

All these parameters we have found in Amiea R micro-needling system and we have gone for German quality.

Micro-needling is a more modern and thus a better alternative of its predecessors (derma-roller and derma-pen) as it gives patients more control, effectiveness and comfort.

The procedure involves a device with three different types of sterile, individual tips for different problems and skin areas. What is unique about them is that they adapt perfectly to skin surface and they have a patented protection membrane that helps avoid infection. The tips contain a certain number of extremely fine needles creating a multitude of microscopic skin channels during the procedure. In fact, for just one second, 150 punctures are made. However, they are so precise and delicate that, although needles are involved, patients’ discomfort is minimal. The dose of the “trauma” of epidermis and derma is low so it triggers the natural regeneration process with the help of a flow of growth factors, citoxines and some other active molecules. The presence of regeneration means involving the synthesis of healthy collagen and elastin fibers.

One fact is crucial: the tips themselves have containers in which various products can be placed depending on the problem that needs treatment. Thus, through the channels created by the needles, a number of useful and necessary substances penetrate the deeper skin layers. The combination of mechanical trauma and a cocktail of active substances increase the procedure’s effectiveness admired by all the patients.

The number of needling sessions depends on the problem and the individual skin condition. The treatment usually includes 3-6 procedures at average intervals of 3-4 weeks. The recovery period is short, 2-3 days, and can easily suit patients with busy work schedule. The use of sunscreens is compulsory during the whole treatment.

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