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М22  Lumenis

М22 Lumenis

Lumenis, the leader in the world of laser systems, have created their unique platform M22. It incorporates new and perfected technologies that can help us solve many of your problems.

The three modules (IPL, ND:YAG and non-ablative Fraxion system ResurFX) will be perfect in dealing with more than 30 dermatological and aesthetic problems and flaws.

How M22 is different from other technologies? This question is easy to answer:

  • It is successful in many ways;

  • The procedures are quick and painless;

  • The results last long.

Lumeniscreated the gold standard in IPL technologies more than 15 years ago, but now the company offers their most perfected version. IPL has 7 filters and a multitude of options of adjusting the parameters. Thus we will be able to fully consider the characteristics of your skin as well as its needs.

By using this unique technology – Optimal Pulse Technology with IPL of Lumenis – we will help you get rid of the unpleasant redness on your cheeks, the different in size broken capillaries on the face and body. The tone of your skin will become even and the size of the pores will be reduced. Your skin will be elastic, healthy and its consistency will be better as well. Besides, we will use this technology to minimize the appearance of unwanted hair on your face and body and to treat fresh stretch marks and surface berry aneurysms. We have not forgotten about your neck, neckline and hands – we will turn back the clock for them.

ND:YAG laser of M22 system will allow you to get rid of the webs of broken capillaries on your legs as well as of the small varicose veins with diameter of 2 mm. It can be also used to treat the purple veins on the nose and deeper berry aneurysms. Just after 2-3 procedures you enjoy wearing short skirts and shopts.

The third module of M22 system – ResurFX – is the only truly non-ablative fractioned technology that has been created so far. Just one pass will be enough for getting optimal results, thus this innovative technology saves patients’ time and protects the skin from unwanted reactions. A special scanner is built in the laser and it makes it possible to choose from 600 different combinations of tip shape, size and of ray density. Thus we will help you solve problems such as acne scars, stretch lines, surgical scars, fine lines and wrinkle.

Good health and young skin are our greatest valuables. If you want to keep them as long as possible, trust the experts at Aesthe Clinic Beauty!

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