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Easy and fast skin dehydration is particularly risky for people with delicate and fair skin spending a lot of time in the sun as well as for smokers. Mesolift is the procedure that deals with this problem most easily and fast. One of its benefits is the bio-revitalization of dry, fatigued, aged and dull skin. It can play the role of anti-aging skin care.

The Mesolift process uses sterile, elastic, clean and transparent gel. One of its important ingredients is hyaluronic acid of certain consistence that has been adapted for being applied to the face and delicate eye-contour area as well as to the neck, neckline, back and palms. Hyaluronic acid is natural substance contained by the tissues of all organisms so it is easily tolerated by patients.

The procedure is suitable for fair as well as for dark skin, and it can be performed all year round. Taking aspirin or other anti-inflammation medicine 4-5 days prior to treatment is not recommended as slight bruises may appear after the injections.

Before injecting hyaluronic acid, local anesthetic is administered to the skin area that will be treated. The product is spread evenly on the treated zones and an emphasis is put on the mostly dehydrated areas or areas with fine wrinkle. After injecting the product, the skin can be massaged gently.

Hyaluronic acid should not be applied to areas with active inflammation processes, such as acne, herpes, eczema, etc.

You will be delighted with the wonderful results just a couple of days after the first procedure. The skin will be rested, radiant, with improved tone and elasticity.

For a maximum benefit, this treatment should be based on 3 monthly procedures. The results of the initial treatment can be also maintained by having one procedure quarterly.


With regard to improving the quality of the skin surface, Mesolift can be combined with surface and medium-depth chemical peels. It is also a perfect ending of all the light, laser, radio-frequency and other rejuvenating procedures of a device type. Mesolift revitalizes dehydrated summer skin and helps it regain its tone.

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