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Acne is a skin disease which is not only very common and often long-lasting, butit is also challenging in terms of fast and successful healing. Considering the negative influence of modern way of life, this task becomes even more difficult.

Inflammation is one of the main problems the people suffering from acne face. Local and systematic treatment is compulsory in such cases, but we can also help by using a harmless method.

What is this method like?

ELOS system has a special tip emitting a specter of rays of 400-980 mm wave length, which comprises the highly useful “blue light”. The latter is able to attack directly the colonies of bacteria, Propionibacteria, that have invaded oil glands. What is triggered is the so-called photodynamic reaction between blue light and the specific photoactive substances (porphyrins) produced by the bacteria. This reaction results in the occurrence of free radicals that kill the bacteria causing inflammation. Additional influence is exerted also by the specters of red and infra-red rays together with radiofrequency waves. They reduce oil glands benefits and have a “drying” effect on the face. Radio-frequency in itself contributes to the improvement of skin texture and relief.

How many procedures are needed?

The average treatment plan is 6-10 treatments over the course of 5 weeks (1-2 treatments a week). Some cases require salicylic peeling done immediately after some of the treatments.

What else should you know?

The procedure is suitable for all skin types. It is short, painless and puts no restrictions on the patients.

In order to keep the results, 1-2 procedures a month are recommended. Make sure you protect your skin from sun exposure during the treatment course. On the whole, you should avoid intensive sunbathing.

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