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Close to: business, conference and culture centers: World Trade Centre Interpred – 2km. Inter Expo Centre – 4km. Business Park Sofia – 4km. National Palace of Culture – 4,5km. In your free time: City Centre Sofia – 4km. National Historical Museum – 6km. “Arena” Cinema – Mladost quarter – 4km There are no big traffic jams, and parking around the “Vega” hotel (where the clinic is) or in the underground parking lot is easy and convenient.


Address:           Aesthe Clinic Beauty: Blv. "G.M. Dimitrov "75 - Hotel" Vega "Sofia

Phone:             +359700 11 900 

                          +359700 11 800 



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Address:            Aesthe Clinic Beauty: ul. Oborishte 10

Phone:               +359700 11 800